Hitler and the Vuvuzelas

“The Hitler Meme” or “Hitler finds out” is a video meme involving the addition of new subititles to the dramatic scene of Hitler’s final breakdown from the (non-comedic and very serious) German film Downfall directed by Oliver Hirschbiegel. The idea is to insert various subtitles that are obviously inaccurate and yet seem to fit -- to comedic effect. Although there was initially some concern that such pranks made light of the horrors of WW II and the Nazi regime, most have come to realize that the video serves to mock and belittle Hitler and his minions, not portray them as fun-loving, goofy individuals.

The scene received a hilarious treatment with the introduction of vuvuzelas (those horrendous noisemakers) during the last World Cup tournament. And since the World Cup is global, this video went global, too, and has enjoyed many millions of views.

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