The Worst Guitar Solo. Ever.

Youtube guarantees that as long as there's someone with a camera phone within five yards of you, anything you do can be filmed and posted to humiliate you for the rest of your life. But some people are truly unaware of their ineptitude. Jake E. Lee has become an internet phenomenon because he (and other members of his band) sincerely believes himself to be a guitar god. It would be funny even if his skills were mediocre, but as this video clearly illustrates, he's truly god-awful.

You don't need to know anything about playing a guitar to know that chimp could probably do better. What makes it all that much more comical is the grandiose body language and facial expressions accompanying this "guitar solo." Many have questioned whether this is a joke. Apparently, it's not. Enjoy the musical stylings of Jake E.Lee

UPDATE: We were just informed this morning by reader and BK author Frank Lekanne Deprez that this is in fact a parody. Apparently there's a fellow who parodies the guitar solo stylings of various rock musicians and you can see more of his work on this MySpace page. Our apologies for the error and our thanks to Frank for being so hip and savvy about the viral video scene!

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